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You have to be insane to sin, and you have to be insane to be holy. When the previous rebbe came to america he said, when you go to a. Basi legani 5711 1951 part 1 rabbi yossi paltiel youtube. Maamarim presented by the rebbe for more information about these lectures. Chapter 5 after mincha here videos and customs posted with permission, courtesy of. In every generation there is a beis rabbeinu, the house of our master,16 a sanctuary in microcosm which responds to the urgent needs of the generation and diffuses torah instruction throughout the world. A sanctuary in microcosm a lighthouse in the diaspora. The first discourse of the rebbe basi legani 5711 1951 by rabbi yossi paltiel.

The mitzvah of ahavas yisrael in chassidic thought at the farbrengen on the 10th of shevat 5711 1951, when the rebbe officially accepted the mantle of leadership of the lubavitch movement, he opened with the following words. In honor of 25 adar, the birthday of rebbetzin chaya mushka schneerson obm, we present a speech by alaska shliach rabbi yosef y. Digital store network realizza basi audio in alta qualita dei brani evergreen del passato, arrangiandoli con soluzioni adatte alla musica da ballo. Chapter 2 the following maamar, comprising chapters 15 i. Chapter 2 my fatherinlaw, the rebbe, of blessed memory, writes as follows in the maamar that he released for the day of his passing, the tenth of shvat, 5710. Chasidus, rebbe shlita page 3 a chasidishe parnasa. On the tenth of shvat, 5711 1951, in a favorable and auspicious hour, the rebbe shlita undertook the leadership of the chabadlubavitch chassidic movement. Aziother, criterion is to provide some vtools that. We do not rejoice alone adapted from mimaayenei hayeshuah, sec.

F or several terrifying days in late november 2008, all jewish eyes were on the indian city of mumbai. The maamar basi legani 5717 from sefer hamaamorim basi legani. We refer to our festivals as festivals for rejoicing, holidays and seasons for gladness. He was a slight man with translucent skin and absolutely clear whites of his eyesthe sclera encircling his sparkling blue irises, his beard outlining an impish grin. This is a compilation of booklets, each one dedicated to.

Schneerson 19021994, of righteous memory, explained another of its chapters in depth. That last maamar of the rebbe rayatz was published in sefer hamaamarim 5710 1950, p. Whether youre traveling there and want to learn some basic italian or you want to speak the language fluently, youll find a course here for whatever your italian speaking skills may be. The last chassidic discourse written by rabbi yosef yitzchak shneersohn, 10 shvat. The olive is rich with oil, but the oil doesnt flow on its own. Greenberg in london, england, which sheds a new light on the spiritual greatness and holiness of our rebbetzin. A happy person naturally wants to share his joy with others. Muslim terrorists had launched a series of coordinated shooting and bombing attacks on targets throughout the metropolis, including the nariman chabad house, a hasidic cultural center that served the local jewish community as well as israeli tourists passing through. This volume also contains the first chasidic discourse delivered by the rebbe, on shevat 10, 1951. In the first chassidic discourse that the lubavitcher rebbe delivered on the 10th11th of shevat 5711 1951 upon accepting the mantle of leadership of the lubavitch movement, he recounted several stories of how each of the rebbeim of chabad displayed ahavas yisrael the alter rebbe once, on yom kippur morning, the alter rebbe took off his tallis and kittel and went to the edge of the city. Thus, the rebbe writes in his preface to the rebbe rashabs chanoch lenaar. The rebbes exposition of basi lgani, the first chasidic discourse he spoke upon assuming the mantle of leadership in 5711 1951, was also a declaration of his own. On this day, the first anniversary of the passing of his revered fatherinlaw, the rebbe rayatz, the rebbe shlita publicly delivered the first maamar, basi legani.

Part i of the series of discourses with the general title of basi legani, was released in advance for study on shabbos, parshas bo, yud shvat 5710 1950, in honor of the yahrzeit of the authors grandmother, the saintly rebbitzin rivkah. My fatherinlaw, the rebbe, of blessed memory, writes as follows in the maamar that he released for the day of his passing, the tenth of shvat, 5710. They took on the special task of the seventh generation, which is to bring gds presence into this physical world with the revelation of. And as yud shevat approaches, im contemplating these ideas more than usual. On the 11th of shevat, 5711, when the rebbe officially accepted the leadership of chabad, all lubavitchers devoted themselves to him heart and soul. Featured software all software latest this just in old school emulation msdos games historical software classic pc games software library. Videoaudio of basi lgani 5710 by rabbi levi garelik. On the unique significance of the rebbes farbrengen on yud shvat, 5711 1951, the first anniversary of his fatherinlaws passing, see footnote 1 above. The otzar hachassidim publishing house is moving toward releasing a compilation known as shalsheles haor. Living with moshiach weekly digest about moshiach parshat yitro, 5766 19 shevat, 5766 feb. Moshiach weekly yud shevat free download as pdf file. Placing specific stress on the maamor of 5711, applying to himself the rebbes first message to our generation that it is our avodah and zchus, to bring the shechinah back down into. In the maamar basi legani of 5711 1951, the rebbe says in ois chapter 3. Video audio of basi lgani 5710 by rabbi levi garelik.

Violin sheet music book by nicolo paganini 17821840. Home about us online audio chassidus via telephone. Check out talab idi by pascale machaalani on amazon music. I find the concepts of privilege and obligation, and especially their interplay, to be fascinating. Chasidim customarily study basi lgani each year in honor of the yartzeit, and each year his successor, the rebbe, rabbi menachem m. The rebbe designated the collective title for the works of the rebbeim of chabad as shalsheles haor the chain of light. He nurtures our faith in gd so that our faith wont only be the result of things weve seen or other external.

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