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We found subtitles for the program the sorcerers apprentice. Many evil sorcerers will be raised from the dead tonight. Whimsical enough to be entertaining, but still the moral of the story isnt lost. Dave stutler fictional characters wiki fandom powered. Balthazar blake was one of the 3 apprentices taken on by the legendary wizard merlin, in an attempt to stop the evil witch morgana. The sorcerers apprentice is in small part inspired by the famous sequence in walt disneys fantasia 1940, where mickey mouse does battle with bewitched brooms and buckets while leopold stokowski conducts the famous music by paul dukas. They will take on lots of adventures, risks and confronting a stubborn enemy. Teresa palmer as rebecca becky barnes, daves love interest.

Inspired by the beloved segment of the walt disney classic fantasia, the sorcerers apprentice moves the setting of the story to modernday manhattan, where decidedly average teen dave stutler. The sorcerers apprentice, starring nicolas cage, jay baruchel, alfred molina, teresa palmer. However the sorcerers apprentice is in love with becky barnes and questions. The sorcerers apprentice is formulaic and predictable, but its also fun and endearing fantasia 2010. Sorcerers apprentice is the story of his quest for, and initiation into, the brotherhood of indian godmen. I didnt happen to catch the sorcerers apprentice in the theater, so my first viewing was at home on bluray and i was very, very impressed with the quality of the digital picture. But you as an audience member were willing to overlook all that because of all of the fun performances, the exotic locations, the solid. However the sorcerers apprentice is in love with becky barnes teresa palmer and blake doubts whether he is actually the chosen one. A wizard nicolas cage trains a reluctant protege to help him fight a powerful adversary. What if there were immortals fighting in the sorcery wars as well as sorcerers themselves. The sorcerers apprentice publicity still of gregory woo.

So basically morgana is trying to destroy the world as we know it. Can he fix everything before the old sorcerer returns, or will he find himself suddenly. These occult elements are mitigated by a relatively clean story about stopping an evil sorcerer from controlling the world, so the movies content is not as bad as it could. Alfred molina maxim horvath, teresa palmer becky barnes, monica bellucci veronica. The sorcerers apprentice bulis novel, a 1995 novel written by christopher bulis based on the british science fiction television series doctor who.

Both women smiled reassuringly at the bride as beckys father, henry barnes, took his daughters arm into his. His masterapprentice relationship with balthazar, growing mastery of magic, and blooming romance with becky gives him much needed selfconfidence and assurance. Teresa palmer becky barnes toby kebbell drake stone omar benson miller bennet. It was the first time i could rant to anyone about my fantasy books, or my personal studies and know they would really listen. Walt disneys the sorcerers apprentice by don ferguson. Balthazar blake is a powerful wizard, and also the master of dave stutler. Morgana le fay the sorcerer s apprentice 2010 drake stone. Bennet sorcerers apprentice merlin the sorcerers apprentice 2010 tank the sorcerers apprentice 2010 original characters. Becky barnes sorcerors apprentice works archive of. Following a traumatic boyhood encounter, a shy science student is caught in the middle of a mystical battle in the heart of. Sorcerers apprentice travel book, a 1998 travel book by tahir shah.

A classic story retold for children just beginning to read. Barnes asked me to tutor becky, because she wasnt too great with math and science. Becky barnes is a fresh and radiant nyu studentfor 10 years, the unreachable object of dave stutlers desire for the coveted. Check out movie behind the scenes, interviews, movie red carpet premieres, broll and more from part of the maker studios. The film looks excellent in high definition and the big special effects that the movie relies so heavily on translate wonderfully in bluray. The encantus is a magic book featured in the film the sorcerers apprentice. The 22minute featurette the making of the sorcerers apprentice is actually a pretty good companion piece, covering the concept, visual effects, and creation of the fantasia homage sequence thoroughly. Prologue the film opens with balthazar and veronica riding their respective horse in the night with torches to illuminate their surroundings as their image is overlapped by the encantus rendition of merlin and his three apprentices.

The sorcerers apprentice is a 2010 american actionfantasy film produced by jerry. Nonfiction books with this title include a travel book, sorcerers apprentice by tahir shah. Balthazar blake nicolas cage, a merlinean, is a sorcerer in modernday manhattan, fighting against the. Due to her lack of magical abilities, she was also considered as some sort of squib mortal ally for dave. When max the lazy sorcerers apprentice dabbles in magic beyond his abilities, he finds himself in a world of trouble. Bennet sorcerer s apprentice merlin the sorcerer s apprentice 2010 tank the sorcerer s apprentice 2010 original characters.

The encantus is a magic book featured in the film the sorcerer s apprentice. Master sorcerer balthazar blake must find and train merlins. Mickey mouse is an apprentice to a great and powerful sorcerer. When balthazar goes to retrieve a book meant to teach magic, dave accidentally opens. The sorcerers apprentice has sparked the imagination of some of the most creative minds in historyfrom nicolas cage, jon. However the sorcerers apprentice is in love with becky barnes and questions whether he is really the chosen one.

Becky barnes sorcerors apprentice tristan arthurian mordred arthurian isolde. The sorcerer s apprentice 2010 teresa palmer as becky. Rebecca barns, or more commonly known as becky was in dave stutlers 4th grade class. When mickey tries on the sorcerers magic hat, he casts a magical spell to finish his boring chores. Sorcerers apprentice is the story of his apprenticeship to one of indias master conjurors and his initiation into the brotherhood of godmen. Here theres an amusing sequence involving enchanted mops and such, with music that shares most of the same notes as dukas but. No wonder his apprentice, geeky student dave jay baruchel, has better things to do than try to help him save the world, ie hook up with blondehaired honey becky barnes teresa palmer with. Who is in the cast of the sorcerers apprentice answers. Director jon turteltaub and star nicolas cage, who teamed up for the national treasure movies, once again keep things strictly pg in this familyfriendly adventure flick that, yes, was inspired by the mickey mouse segment. The young is spontaneously implicated as key on find out the weird events. Where the story may have admittedly been kind of clunky. Apr 7, 2017 one of my all time favorite movies see more ideas about the sorcerers apprentice, movies and nicolas cage.

Malevolent wizard maxim horvath alfred molina is determined to claim new york city as his. Peekyous people search has 448 people named becky barnes and you can find info, photos, links, family members and more. Inspired by the beloved segment of the walt disney classic fantasia, the sorcerers apprentice moves the setting of the story to modernday manhattan, where decidedly average teen dave stutler jay baruchel hones his magical powers under the tutelage of master sorcerer balthazar blake nicolas cage. As a music teacher, ive listened to the music by paul dukas, shown the disney version, and seen the recent movie entitled the sorcerers apprentice. Inside was a large sum of cash, a planner with hotel reservations in it, tour books with sights to see, along with personal recommendations. Will mickey be able to stop the magic hes unleashed. Cute becky barnes, now a college student, takes it pretty well that this dave guy who wants to date her is a sorcerers apprentice.

The sorcerers apprentice at usborne childrens books. Dave was the prime merlinian, morgana was defeated, horvath escaped, veronica was back, and becky was back. Becky barnes as portrayed within the background of the the sorcerers apprentice advertisement poster behind dave stutler. The sorcerers apprentice is a fun adventure with lots of nifty special effects, but, as its title suggests, it has a premise with strong, unacceptable occult content.

Chapter books movies nicolas cage antagonist film chronicle books the sorcerers apprentice apprentice fantasy books. Learning along the way from sadhus, sages, avatars and sorcerers its a journey which took him from kolkata to chennai, 2 from bangalore to mumbai, in search of the miraculous. Morgana le fay the sorcerers apprentice 2010 drake stone. The sorcerers apprentice 2010 teresa palmer as becky. These books typically include instructions on how to perform supernatural charms, spells, and also how to create magical objects such as amulets and talismans. David found becky irresistible and tried to impress her by lining up a. Balthazar blake the sorcerers apprentice wiki fandom. An encantus is considered a magicians guideline that teaches sorcerers the art, history, and science of sorcery. I kept waiting for her to tell dave she would still be there. Inspired by the beloved segment of the walt disney classic fantasia, the sorcerers apprentice moves the setting of the. He is a protagonist in the 2010 disney fantasy adventure movie the sorcerers apprentice. The sorcerers apprentice directed by jon turteltaub rated pg. Dave stutler as seen in the videogame the sorcerers apprentice on nintendo ds dave appeared as main protagonist and playable character in the 2010 nintendo ds videogame adaptation of disneys the sorcerers apprentice as opposed to the film where he visit the arcana cabana as his 9 year old self, dave visited the occult shop as his 20 year old self.

Rebecca becky barnes is the deuteragonist in the the sorcerers apprentice. Occurs after the events of the 2010 sorcerers apprentice and also contains the. The french composer paul dukas wrote the theme heard as the brooms multiply in the sorcerer s apprentice section of disneys. Due to the sorcerers apprentice inspired by the harry potter series, becky was equivalent with either hermione granger, ginevra ginny weasley or even both. The sorcerers apprentice is a 1962 episode of alfred hitchcock presents featuring brandon dewilde as mentallytroubled youth hugo, coveting the magic wand of a. The sorcerers apprentice is also the title of a doctor who novel by christopher bulis. Wedding bells and baby spells, a sorcerers apprentice. Compare the meek manchild easily frightened by horvath though understandably so, to the badass prime merlinean who trounces the big bad and takes becky to paris on a whim. Learning to unmask illusion as well as practice it, he goes on a journey across the as a child, tahir shah first learned the secrets of. I thought this book reached a nice balance between the rather stern original version, and the mickey mouse version.

The war between sorcerers was fought in the shadows of history and the fate of mankind rested with the just and powerful merlin. The dvds only other item is a 2minute deleted scene of dave encountering balthazar browsing books in washington square park. This beautifully illustrated, deluxe retelling of the sorcerers apprentice, based on goethes original poem and one of the most beloved stories from walt disneys. The other two apprentices, balthazar blake nicolas cage and veronica monica bellucci arrive at merlins stronghold in time to learn of the deception and discover that morgana was attempting to steal a spell from merlins spell book that would allow her to awaken dead wizards and sorcerers and rule the world, the rising. Who plays becky in the sorcerers apprentice answers.

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